Due to the digital nature of today’s business world, it is of necessity that every company runs a website regardless of its purpose. A website is a great marketing tool which can help generate more leads, referrals, calls and new customers. Thus, it acts as a virtual sales representative 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you observe that your website doesn’t turn visitors into leads, or simply doesn’t suit your needs anymore, probably because it is outdated, then you need professional website design services from us.

We are highly specialized in designing and building responsive websites that look beautiful across all devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktops and to assist you generate more sales and leads from your business. Thus when you feel limited by the packaged CMS/E-commerce solution, we offer you a custom website development option. Below are some of the advantages you can get from using a custom website from Auragate:

• Website security is guaranteed
At Auragate, we stand by our work and take complete responsibility for every single code we write. We focus on building secure websites and work relentlessly to restore service sooner than you expect in case of an attack.

• Performance and Extendibility
Our custom websites are structured to meet your requirements and the expected user traffic is of utmost importance to us. Your websites will also be able to stoically face multitude of users and you will also get help in regard to boosting the growth of your websites. In addition, we will help you choose a hosting plan that will suit your needs.

• No limitations
We offer custom websites with specifications which need not be adjusted to the capabilities of a given platform or template. Our custom websites are built 100% according to your requirements.

There are many other advantages you can get by working with us. Please do not miss out!



Your business is one of a kind and you should treat it as such. There is no disputing the fact that graphic designs play an important role in giving your business a good representation. We are always at your service when in need of graphic designs. Our graphic design services will help give your business a better representation among your competitors and as such, your customer base is bound to increase tremendously. Due to our expertise and experience, we create graphic designs with beautiful layouts and illustrations which can help to demonstrate the uniqueness of your business as well as effectively communicate the products/services your business offers. A great graphic design can help to make your marketing material easier and better to read. This is true because good designs can be used to simplify complex information. We are very good at creating almost all kinds of designs such as infographics, flyers, brochures, catalogues, trade show booth designs, reports, business cards and lots more. One reason why you should use us for your graphic designs is that we are always abreast with all of the current graphic design concepts and trends. It is very important that you keep your graphic designs and general marketing up to date with the expectations of your customers/clients. Design philosophy and concepts are constantly changing to accommodate the needs of our changing society. As a result, you should not let your business lag behind. Let us handle your graphic design needs and you will never be disappointed. At Auragate, graphic design is at its peak!



Regardless of whether you are launching a brand refresh or beginning from scratch, the branding services from Auragate will help your business/company develop a vibrant, consistent and unforgettable brand across all assets of your marketing/advertising. Besides helping you to guide your brand strategy and guidelines, Auragate can assist your company to create, design and produce collateral and brand assets such as; company logo, brand guidelines (including logo formats, typeface and color palette), Vehicle/truck wraps, advertising(remarkable ads), Marketing collateral(envelopes, case studies, stationary, folders, email templates and so on.) and lots more.

For an effective branding service, we might require some basic information from you in order to gain insight into the background of your company as well as the vision behind your branding design. We then make use of your feedback to create a strategic plan and direction before embarking on the design itself.

With a well-defined brand direction, we can be able to present to your company a handful of new options/suggestions which might be in align with your company’s branding vision and goals. Before presenting you with your final new assets which includes typefaces, logo formats and all color palette, our branding design package entitles you to a number of revisions.

The importance of giving your business/company a good branding cannot be overemphasized. Regardless of the size, industry and location of your business/company, a vibrant and effective brand strategy and design helps to convey your business/company’s value, credibility, experience and quality. It is generally true that a business with a strong brand has a great competitive advantage in marketing and advertising your products/services.



If you think that social media marketing services are just for eateries and ‘hot’ businesses, then you have to think twice. In contradiction to the belief of some business owners, social media websites can produce a significant number of leads, referrals and sales for your business. At Auragate, we employ user-based development for your social media campaigns. Do you need something new or creative? Then worry no more because we can help you structure your Facebook and twitter accounts the way you want.

It is interesting to know that virtually all businesses can benefit from creating social media profiles and utilizing social media marketing campaigns. Although some companies are interested in using social media to market their businesses, they are either confused about the social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) to invest in or the budget to allocate to it and this is where we step in. Our social media management services take away the complexity of social media management from business owners and allow them focus on the modus operandi of their businesses.

Surprisingly, it is important to know that social media campaigns are cheap to run and can be specifically targeted at the audience you wish to reach out to. We will help you develop a baseline data which is instrumental in determining the social media platforms with the least cost per lead and highest return on ad placement. We can help you track and test run social media campaigns on various platforms including Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, YouTube advertising , Houzz advertising etc.



We work closely with all of our clients to plan out and implement an extensive strategy to boost your website and blogs high in the rankings. We have many flexible packages available which are tailored to suit your budget and needs. We specialize in helping small business boost their online presence both locally and internationally. We will help you get found not only by Google, but all major search engines. Do you need more web visitors, higher ranking and more customers? Then let us help you achieve this because it is what we are known for. It is true that if your customers cannot find you, then they will certainly go for your competitors. We make sure this doesn’t occur because our SEO strategies are designed to overcome your competitors anywhere and anytime. Our concern is to see your business grow and expand.


Artist Development

We are partnered with Artist Reach from New York in order to provide you with some of the best services available to artists today. This Award-Winning New York City / Tri-State area Musician/Artist-Operated company offers a wide variety of services. Whether it be sound recording, touring & showcasing, video production, or marketing and promotion, they are here for your every need.

Work with Auragate and Artist Reach to excel beyond the next level in your musical career. We offer the same services at a discounted price, so let us know what you need today!